FASTER's mission is to create and cultivate a valuable movement of Filipino Americans in the Silicon Valley technology community across a wide range of professions (engineers, designers, managers, scientists, entrepreneurs, etc). In doing so, we strengthen professional ties and networks across the Bay Area and provide a foundation for Filipino American youth to build their careers in the technology industry.

Professional Development

We strive to create an open space for communication and collaboration among like-minded groups of technology professionals, which include Filipino and Asian American employee resource groups, community meetup groups, and nonprofit organizations operating in the industry.

Education and Youth Outreach

Through our mentorship programs with local universities, we strive to help Filipino American youth achieve their career goals while strengthening the pipeline of new talent for technology companies and startups in the process. Apply to be a mentor here.

Community Building

Whether in the form of online social media channels or offline events and conferences, we aim to provide venues for community members to participate in enriching our growing community of technology professionals and students.



We seek to increase visibility and celebrate the contributions of Filipino Americans in tech, those who inspire leadership across professions in the industry.


We seek to centralize our community by gathering, organizing, and making information on Filipino Americans in tech more accessible with an open-source community database of self-identified Filipino Americans in various professions in tech.


Silicon Valley's rich history of Asian American contributions is significant, FASTER helps bring together our community of stories of Filipino American contributions to the tech industry.


FASTERCON is our annual conference focused on highlighting and strengthening the network of Filipino American technology professionals in the Bay Area.

Every year, FASTERCON is held during Filipino American Heritage Month.

All proceeds of FASTERCON will go toward mentorship programs for Filipino American youth in the Bay Area.

The Team

Meet the people bringing FASTER to life.


Erin Pangilinan

FASTER Co-Founder


Carlos Miguel Lasa

FASTER Co-Founder
Technical Program Manager, Twitter


Charity Nicolas

President, Cal Pilipino American Alumni Chapter (PAAC)


Michelle Florendo

President, Stanford Pilipino Alumni Network (SPAN)

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